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I have a range of books and collections of information which may be of help to both Creer and other Manx family researchers. 

There is a large computer database I have developed and maintained which is described here.

In addition, I have written abstracts of more than 200 old land deeds dating from the 1600s which contain details of many of the land sales and purchases made by various Creer families on the Isle of Man. These have been transcribed from the original documents still held in the archives of the Manx Museum in Douglas. These provide a large amount of unique Creer family history information and complement the large number of Manx Creer wills, also held in the Manx Museum, which have also been transcribed by a small group of Creer family history researchers. These wills were originally published online by the late Brian Lawson  and now are available on the IOM Family History Society website here

A selection of Memorial inscriptions written on Creer graves on the Isle of Man is give here

I also possess a small collection of Manx books which may be of interest to others and if requested I am happy to look up anything in them on request.

  •   "Surnames of the Manks" by Leslie Quilliam 

  •  "Streets of Douglas - Old and New" by Stuart Slack

  •  "Never to Return" - by Hampton Creer

  •  "Place Names of the Isle of Man" - by JJ Kneen

  •  "Shining By the Sea" - A History of Ramsey - by Constance Radcliffe

  •  "Maughold and Ramsey Place Names" by Constance Radcliffe  

  •  " The Mystery of X-5" by Frank Walker and Pamela Mellor

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