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Useful Links

The power of the internet is demonstrated by the way in which a wide range of different information sources can be accessed easily from the comfort of the home. Here is a list of web addresses that I have found useful or of interest. Please let me know if there are others that you would like to recommend.

A Manx Notebook by Frances Coakley

An invaluable site for Manx history

Isle Of Man Family History Society

An essential source for Manx Family history
Creer from the Isle of Man - DNA Study Learn about the Creer from the Isle of Man DNA Study

Isle of Man Family History Society Bulletin Board

See what other Manx genealogy researchers are asking
Belinda Cohen's Family History Site  This covers Belinda's family which includes Creers - descended from Gilbert Creer

Brian Kneen's Site

Another Manx surname researcher

Brad Smith's website

Another Australian descendant of Gilbert Creer
Manx Roots Nigel Crowe's Website of Manx family History Resources
Manx National Heritage Library MNH Library website in Douglas
Kissack One Name site A site for researchers of the name Kissack

International Genealogy Index (IGI) online

Invaluable source for all

Ellis Island Records

Details of US immigrants 1892-1924 
Kathy Creer's site Creer genealogy from Australia

Genforum - Creer

Genforum  discussion group for Creer - Creer discussion group for Creer
Tim Davis - Manx Genealogy An established site showing some fascinating insights into Manx genealogy
The Belchers of Easton, Massachusetts Linda McKinley's site showing her Creer ancestors

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