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Family Trees

The scale of my research into our Creer family history is now such that I am confident that I have details of every Creer family tree grouping in existence. Clearly all of these trees will inevitably be incomplete and in some cases I may only have a small fragment. If anyone researching their Creer family history wishes to contact me then. I know that I cannot know your own family better than yourself, but I am confident that the research I have done into the various early Creer farming families from the 1500's onwards may be of interest and relevance to you.

Because the scale of maintaining and publishing such family trees on this website is so great I no longer display any parts of any individual's trees on the website  Furthermore, respecting growing concerns regarding identity theft, my policy is not to share details of any living individuals within a Creer family tree with anyone who is not an close member of that family. 

If you want to share your Creer family history information with me and learn more about our family then please do contact me by email



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